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Drop-In Bathtubs

Most drop-in tubs are made from a durable acrylic, have a finished rim and are designed to drop into a deck or custom surround, which is where they get their name. They can be installed in corners, peninsulas, islands, or can be installed at floor level. A drop-in bath is supported from below and has a self-rimming edge designed to sit over a frame topped with a water-resistant material. This tub easily customized to suit any bathroom decor.

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  1. Stallion 54 x 72 Rectangular Bathtub

    Stallion 54 x 72 Rectangular Bathtub

    Equipped with ergonomically-molded seating space for two adults. Comfortable armrests located on both sides of series bathtub provide luxury and comfort. An offset angle opening design creates an intimate setting, which will compliment both modern and classic bathroom styles. Learn More
  2. Feather Rectangular Bathtub

    Feather Rectangular Bathtub

    Features an oval opening in a rectangular bathtub, equipped with two round cockpits on either side, providing extra back and arm room. Learn More
  3. Orion Rectangular Bathtub

    Orion Rectangular Bathtub

    Features classic rectangular design with a soft-edge oval opening. Classic, round-opening style will add a hint of luxury to any bathroom setting. Learn More
  4. Marshall Rectangular Bathtub

    Marshall Rectangular Bathtub

    Resemble simplicity set in classic design. A rectangular, minimalism-inspired design turns simplicity of square forms into perfection of symmetry. Learn More
  5. Durango Rectangular Bathtub

    Durango Rectangular Bathtub

    Features a blend of oval and rectangular construction and molded armrests. Soft surround curves of the interior provide soothing comfort. The narrow width of bathtubs' edge adds additional space. Learn More
  6. Ranch Oval Bathtub

    Ranch Oval Bathtub

    Features a classic oval-shaped bathtub design with stylish, ridged edges. The oval bathtub opening allows bathers to enjoy a comfortable bathing experience. Learn More
  7. Creek Rectangular Bathtub

    Creek Rectangular Bathtub

    Designed for bathers who enjoy the sauna pool feeling. The large 60-gallon capacity opening creates an even, rounded-corner bathing cradle. Classic bathtub design goes well with standard as well as modern, and contemporary. Learn More
  8. Brook 36 x 60 Rectangular Bathtub

    Brook 36 x 60 Rectangular Bathtub

    Feature a compact rectangular design with an oval opening. Molded arm and back rests provide exceptional comfort, while aiding in safety. Learn More
  9. Pioneer 46 x 78 Endless Flow Bathtub

    Pioneer 46 x 78 Endless Flow Bathtub

    Features an Endless Flow technology, creating a continuous flow of water over the edges into an overflow channel grove located around the opening. Endless Flow creates a therapeutic effect and turns every bathing experience into a relaxing, mind-soothing journey. Learn More
  10. Ranger Waterfall 41 x 70 Oval Bathtub

    Ranger Waterfall 41 x 70 Oval Bathtub

    Equipped with two cockpits, providing molded arm and back support. Drop-In installation ensures that whirlpool bathtub will fit into various styles of bathroom settings. Increased height of side edges creates additional support, while adding comfort. Learn More

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